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Technician Vaccination Administration Training

Certificate of Completion Course

presented by

Nova Southeastern University's

Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy

Live, via Zoom 

Pharmacy Technician Vaccine Administration Training

Wednesday, 29 November, 2023
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., in-person and via Zoom


This Pharmacy Technician Vaccine Administration Program was specifically developed to meet the training requirements established by the Florida Board of Pharmacy for the initial certification of registered pharmacy technician for the administration of vaccines (64B16-26.1031 F.A.C.). This activity is ACPE-accredited for 6.0 technician credit hours, including the Vaccine Preparation and Injection Techniques assessment observations. You will receive a Certificate of Completion after satisfactorily meeting all of the activity requirements.



The program has three distinct components:

  1. On-line, Self-Study (~2 hours) presented through Google Classroom;
  2. Live Seminar, in-person or via Zoom (~3.5 hours) conducted live on campus or through Zoom; and
  3. Observation of Vaccine Preparation and Injection Techniques (~0.5 hours) conducted live, via Zoom, for all workshops at the end OR live, on campus, for select dates when the in-person workshop is offered in Fort Lauderdale. Alternate times can be arranged.

This NSU CPE activity offers additional content to help you become a better immunizing pharmacy technician:

  1. Detailed discussion of protocols for receiving, storing, and handling of vaccines;
  2. COVID-19 Vaccine updates;
  3. Special videos and demonstrations of gloving, needle selection, drawing up vaccines into syringes, and injection techniques; and
  4. FloridaSHOTSTM Registry documentation review.

You will need to complete the online training modules and pass the self-assessment before you can attend the live workshop.

Live Training Workshop Agenda (starts 8:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m.)

  • Check-in
  • Welcome, Introductions, and Acknowledgements
  • Roles of Technicians
  • Handling Vaccines
    • Cold Chain Maintenance and Vaccine Storage
    • Appropriate Vaccination Documentation Procedures (e.g., FloridaSHOTSTM)
    • Procedures and requirements for vaccine recalls
  • Universal Precautions
  • Allergic Reactions, Adverse Events, and Emergencies
    • Contraindications
    • 911
  • Documentation and Recordkeeping
  • Preparing the Vaccine
    • Types of Vaccines and Administration Routes
    • Needle Selection Criteria
  • Immunization Administration Techniques
  • Vaccine Preparation and Injection Techniques Observation
    (scheduled via Sign-Up Genius app)

You will need to pass the Vaccine Preparation and Injection Techniques Assessment before a Certificate of Completion can be granted.

Registration Information
Please access the following Website to register:

Fees and Refund Information
  • $149 – Technician
  • $129 – NSU-Employed Preceptor
  • $20– for a printed Certificate of Completion to be mailed to you

Once you pay the registration fee, a Course link and preliminary study materials will be sent within 24 to 36 hours to the email address provided on the registration form.

A refund may be requested up until you access the course’s Google Classroom Learning Management System. If a refund is requested, your registration fee minus a $50 administrative fee will be credited to the card used to enroll. There will be no refund (partial or otherwise) once you have accessed the course content or once the Workshop begins.

Please be advised that this program is subject to postponement if the required minimum number of registrants is not met at least 10 days prior to the scheduled date. If class is cancelled, we will automatically transfer your registration fee to the next activity offering.

Who should attend (target audience):

Pharmacy Technicians, in all practice settings who would like to administer vaccines.

For more information contact:
Carsten Evans at
Accreditation Information

NSU’s Silverman College of Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of Continuing Pharmacy Education.

The combination online and live training workshop and vaccine preparation and injection techniques observations are approved for 6 contact hours (0.6 CEUs) of continuing pharmacy education credit for technicians (UAN: 0092-0000-22-301-L06-T).

To obtain credit for the Pharmacy Technician Vaccine Administration Training, complete the on-line portion and pass the self-assessment, attend the live workshop, complete evaluation forms, and pass the vaccine preparation and injection techniques observations. Completed Technique Assessment Forms will be given to the Program Coordinator by the observers. Once all forms have been received, credits will be processed.
Your transcript of CPE will be available online on the your CPE Monitor profile at Data will also be sent to CE Broker for Florida technicians. The Certificate of Completion will be sent to you electronically once your credits have been processed. A mailed hard copy of your certificate is available for $20.

The NSU Pharmacy Technician Vaccine Administration Training certificate program was developed by Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy. Copyright © 2022 by the NSU COP.

DISCLAIMER: Information in this announcement is correct at the time of distribution. Any needed alterations to the program or schedule will be made to the materials distributed during the live, in-person or via Zoom, presentations.


You will need to demonstrate competence of vaccine preparation, including proper handwashing, universal precautions, drawing up vaccine from vial, and safe needle and syringe disposal. In addition, you will need to demonstrate competence of vaccine administration technique by delivering two (2) intramuscular injections and one (1) subcutaneous injection.

We offer two methods to have your vaccine preparation and injection techniques observed and complete this certification:

  1. You can participate in a conducted live, via Zoom by appointment (partner and supplies needed) for all workshops; OR
  2. Live, on campus, for select dates when the in-person workshop is offered (needed supplies furnished).

The live, via Zoom, observation of your vaccine preparation and injection techniques will be scheduled through the Sign-Up Genius App with invitations sent out several days before the Workshop. Initially, these observations are offered immediately after the Workshop. Other times can be scheduled, if needed. You will need to obtain the supplies list below in order to complete these observations.

For the days we deliver a live, on-campus Workshop, the observations will be conducted in-person here. In this case, we furnish the supplies, and you can use another participant as your injection partner.

Needed Supplies

Quantity Item
1 Sodium chloride for injection, USP 0.9% (normal saline)
2 1-inch safety syringe**
1 5/8-inch safety syringe**
3 Adhesive bandages (e.g., Band-Aid®)
4 Alcohol swabs
3 Gauze pads
1 Sterile under pad
1 pair Gloves (nitrile or latex examination type)
Hand sanitizer
Sharps container (or something resembling one)

**We are aware of the current, wide-spread shortages of safety syringes and will accept suitable substitutes, including insulin syringes**


Goar Alvarez, PharmD, RPh, CPh, FASCP
Assistant Dean, Pharmacy Services
College of Pharmacy, Nova Southeastern University
Director of Pharmacy - NSU Clinic Pharmacy
Director of Pharmacy - South Florida State Hospital

Robb McGory, MS, PharmD
Associate Dean, Professional Program
College of Pharmacy, Nova Southeastern University

Activity Learner Objectives

The purpose of this certificate-training program is to prepare registered pharmacy technicians with sufficient knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to provide immunization services to patients under the supervision of a pharmacist. At the conclusion of the activity, participants should be able to:

  • Differentiate between the technician’s roles and pharmacist’s roles during vaccine administration
  • Define and utilize relevant terms and abbreviations appropriately as they apply to immunizations, vaccines, and immunology
  • Discuss common vaccine preventable diseases and contraindications
    • List the routes of administration for each vaccine
    • Describe needle selection based on vaccines and patient age and size
  • Discuss protocols for receiving, storing, and handling of vaccines
  • Describe appropriate documentation processes (e.g., FloridaSHOTSTM)
  • Identify bloodborne pathogen risks to healthcare providers when handling needles
  • Discuss needlestick prevention methods
  • Recognize allergic vaccine reactions and other emergency situations
  • Identify and be able to use proper procedures for managing a vaccine-related adverse reactions and emergency situations
  • Describe procedures and requirements for vaccine recalls
    • *Demonstrate proper preparation and handwashing for administering vaccinations
    • *Demonstrate Universal Precautions as they pertain to bloodborne pathogens
    • *Demonstrate how to draw up vaccine liquid from a vial into a syringe
    • *Demonstrate two methods of proper vaccine administration (IM and SC)
    • *Demonstrate the safe disposal of syringes

*via observed, structured skills examination


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