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Rx Games

NSU's Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy with the NSU Pre-Pharmacy Society is hosting the first annual student competition on Saturday, March 25, 2023, the RX GAMES! Be part of a team with other undergraduate students to compete in three pharmacy-theme games, learn about the pharmacy profession, and even connect with College of Pharmacy faculty and students. RX GAMES gives students an opportunity to network with each other and keep up on the latest trends in the pharmacy profession. We want you to learn the practice of pharmacy, how to consult with patients, compounded dosage form, and work as a team.

Students from various local colleges are assigned into a team of 5 to compete in a game of Pharmily Feud, Case Studies and Compounding. There are three teams in total. Each team is assigned an NSU COP faculty and a Pharm.D. student coach. Lastly, the teams are evaluated by our panel of judges, and one team is announced as the winner.

To be eligible to apply, students must be enrolled in a college or university and be an active member of a student organization related to pharmacy, chemistry, biology, or health related field. Applications are reviewed by the RX GAMES planning committee on a rolling basis, and it is limited to 15 applications. Participants will be notified of their status one week from when the application is received.

Once participants are notified of their status, they will be asked to participate in a Kingdomality Personality Test. Participants are divided into groups based on their answers. Click the following link to learn more about the Kingdomality Personality Test,


COP Students
If you have any questions regarding the RX GAMES, please contact Xavier Pantig at or Jouseph Sliba at


Please join us and cheer your favorite RX GAMES team: RSVP


NSU COP logo





9:00 AM – 9:30 AM 


Jonas Auditorium 



Student Ambassadors  

9:30 AM – 10:00 AM  

Jonas Auditorium  



Explanation of Games/ Rules  

Break out session     


F. Jouseph Sliba 

9:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Jonas Auditorium  

Ice Breaker 

Xavier Pantig 

 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM 


Jonas Auditorium 


Pharmacy Feud    

Dr. Robert McGory  

 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM  

HPD Cafe

Lunch and HPD Tours


12:30 PM – 2:00 PM 

Jonas Auditorium 

Case Study 

Dr. Robert McGory 

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM 

Compounding Lab 

Balm’d It! 

Dr. Jaleh Barar 

3:30 PM – 4:00 PM 

Jonas Auditorium 


Final Ceremony 





Pharmily Feud  

Pharmacy Feud is based off the television show “Family Feud”. Teams will compete to guess the best answer to a question. One member from each team will stand at the podium to face off on the first question. The first member to buzz in gives an answer; if it is the most popular answer, their team immediately wins the face-off. Otherwise, the opposing teams can respond and the team providing the highest-ranked answer wins.  


Case study 

Lead by Dr. Robert McGory, a case study into a specific patient will be examined. The premise of the case study is for participants to collect information from patient advocates to determine what is going on with the patient. Each team must investigate the situation surrounding an unknown patient problem. At the end of the investigation, each team will be given 15 minutes to present their case. They will be judged on their findings.  


Balm’d It! 

Balm’d It! is a compounding competition in the style of reality television where three teams of amateur students compete to replicate the complicated procedure in making lip balm. Students will learn the basic composition of lip balm and are given the same trade tools and equipment to make it. Participants will have the opportunity to practice compounding prior to presenting the final product. The teams will compete to produce the best lip balm and their final product is judged off their consistency, smell, color, and presentation. 

All participants will get a wonderful NSU swag bag with lots of fun giveaways and the winning team will receive a $50 gift card for every team member. 


Health Professions Building (HPD)  

Terry Building

3200 South University Drive  

Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33328 


Please look for the Jonas Auditorium on the first floor of the HPD Building 



Link to HPD Parking Garage: 

I-95 or Florida's Turnpike 

Take I-595 exit, westbound; proceed on I-595 to University Drive exit 6b. Take University Drive south, approximately 1 mile past the I-595 intersection. Turn left at the SW 33rd Street traffic light and follow the road towards the HPD parking garage.  

Park in the HPD parking garage. 

HPD Parking Map


Parking fees can be paid by using the PayByPhone application (service charge of $0.25 is applicable) You will need your license plate number to make a payment. 

Please pay to park at any open lot or parking garage. Parking fees can be paid by using the PayByPhone application or *Pay booth where applicable *(there are assigned lots with Pay booths). Each parking garage parking lot on NSU Campus has its own PayByPhone location number. HPD Garage is location #15801. Please use the correct PayByPhone location number when parking on Campus. 

PayByPhone Map 




 Team Faculty Advisors


Actors for Patients







Thank you
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