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Program Goals & Curricula

Program Goals & Curricula

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NSU's Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy:

1. has a diverse faculty and student body that ranks 1st for Hispanic and 14th for African American Students earning the Pharm.D. degree

2. allows eligible Pharm.D. students to pursue concurrent degree programs in business administration, public health, or biomedical informatics

3. is the only program in the United States to operate a full-service community pharmacy and institutional pharmacy


The Pharm.D.  program educates and develops inclusive leaders in the science and practice of pharmacy who will improve health through discovery, innovation, advocacy, and the delivery of optimal patient care.

The Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences provides a course of study and research in one of three unique areas of emphasis: 1) Molecular Medicine and Pharmacogenomics centering on drug discovery principles, 2) Drug Development focusing on drug delivery to the desired target, or 3) Social and Administrative Pharmacy concerned with the interface between pharmacy and society (concerned with pharmacy outcomes).that is grounded in an appreciation an understanding of drugs and drug therapy problems, and practices, then honed to an edge through the study and use of research arts, principles and methods that are the tools for addressing those problems and practices.

The M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSPS) is a 2-year graduate program which prepares students for positions in academia, technical and managerial positions in the pharmaceutical industry, research organizations and much more. Completion of the degree prepares students for further doctoral studies. Like the Ph.D. program it provides three distinct sequences to choose from (see above).

The M.S. in Pharmaceutical Affairs (MSPA) is a 1-year graduate program designed for persons interested in the acquisition of knowledge and skills associated with pharmaceutical agents. The program also prepares students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. or Pharm.D. degree.

Degree Programs

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