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Deans Ambassadors

Dean's Ambassador Program

Michelle A. Clark, Ph.D., Dean
Rochelle Nappi, Ed.D., Assistant Dean, Palm Beach
Blanca I. Ortíz, B.S.Ph., Pharm.D., Assistant Dean, Puerto Rico

The College of Pharmacy (COP) Dean's Ambassador Program was founded in 2009 at the Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus. In 2015, the program expanded to the Palm Beach Regional Campus, and the Puerto Rico Regional Campus. Student ambassadors are selected based on academic achievement, Shark pride, and commitment to excellence. The Program provides opportunities for students to represent the college to alumni, preceptors, university and college stakeholders, professional communities, and the general public.

The Dean's Ambassador Program is committed to developing students' professionally by providing training and mentoring in leadership, networking, presentation and teamwork, as well as business protocol to better prepare them as future role models and leaders in health care. Dean's Ambassadors and alumni mentors explore ideas and implement initiatives to engage alumni and increase their involvement with the college. It's a great time to be a Dean's Ambassador!

Carla A. Luque, Pharm.D.
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, (954) 262-3995

Class of 2021

Ali Althubayan

Eric Arango

Danellys Borroto

Marissa Brooks

Kyrsten Chaplin

Emmanuel Escobar

Akilah Fuller

Melissa Gil

Ashley Graham

Megumi Howard

Isabel Jacobs

Jacob Johnson

Shivani Patel

Ellis Rajun

Elizabeth Rinaldi 

Nasser Sajida

Bryan Vaz

Sindy Vazquez

Hang Vu

Raquib Zaman

Class of 2022

Hanaya Ali

Veronica Bitar

Gabrielle Edmund

Aaron Johnson

Nelsy Zuniga




Class of 2021

Arnisha Carter

Afkar Ismail

Ambar Ramos-Perez

Mahalia Sanon

Nadia Shaibaie

Luis Urbina



Class of 2022

Abeera Choudhry

Jennifer Lowe

Lori Murchinson

Nina Ricci

Class of 2021

Alexandra Marie Franqui López 

Edwin Gabriel Jiménez Sánchez 

Valeria Marie López de Victoria Santiago 

Stephanie Luquis Santos

Astrid Marianne Muñoz Centeno 

Gabriela Sofia Nieves Mártir

Jalitza Rodríguez Quiles

Class of 2022

 Yamirelis Ramírez Santiago

José P. Rodríguez Perez

Miguel Angel Rosado Torres

Luis Rosario Osoria

Ismarie Santiago Rivera 




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