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Masters Program


Effective Fall 2019 The M.S. in Pharmaceutical Affairs will be a one-year degree program designed for students interested in the acquisition of knowledge and skills associated with pharmaceutical agents.  These courses are representative of the overall requirements of the program at the time of publication and are subject to change. 

Course Course Name Cr Hours
PHRM 5821 Population Health and Public Policy 2
PHRM 5311 Pharmaceutical Marketing 2
PHRM 5810 Knowledge Skills for the Health Care Environment 2
PHRM 5820 Biochemical Basis of Drug Therapy 2
PHRM 5830 Fundamentals of Pharmacodynamics 3
PHRM 5840 Drug Medication and Society: History and current Issues 3
PHRM 5871 Evidence-Based Practice I 1
PHRM 5901 Health Economics 2
PHRM 5910 Nonprescription Therapies 2
PHRM 5920 Bioethics 2
PHRM 5921 Individualized Drug Therapy I: Pharmacokinetics 3
PHRM 5922 Individualized Drug Therapy II: Special Populations 2
PHRM 5940 Regulatory Affairs 2
PHRM 5972 Evidence-Based Practice II 2
PHRM 5990 Integrative Capstone in Pharmaceutical Affairs 6
PHRE Elective 2
Total: 38
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