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Pharm.D. Program

Experiential Education

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Pharmacy practice experiences in community, hospital, and other traditional pharmacy settings, facilitate real-life application of the material, and provide opportunities to integrate information and knowledge acquired in the classroom.

In the second year of the curriculum, students spend 6 hours per week in the community pharmacy setting and are exposed to the role and responsibilities of the professional  community pharmacist, and the importance of effective communication between pharmacists, patients, and other health care providers.

Pharmacy practice experiences in the third year involve 8 hours per week in the hospital setting. Students are exposed to to various aspects of institutional pharmacy practice including drug storage, drug security, and policies and procedures.  Students apply skills, concepts, and knowledge acquired in the didactic component of the curriculum in institutional pharmacy settings which will prepare them for advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs).

The final year of the Pharm.D. curriculum is composed of 9 full-time advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs) where students practice medication therapy management with more independence. Each APPE consists of a 4-week, forty-hours per week, experience in a supervised pharmacy practice environment.  In these settings students apply didactic instruction, develop competencies, and enhance their knowledge of patient care management.  There are 6 required experiences plus 3 selective experiences in specialty health care areas. Required experiences include internal medicine, ambulatory care, community patient care, and acute patient care, and continue the student's education by providing opportunities for the clinical application of patient care in a wide variety of interprofessional health care environments and systems. Successful completion of all didactic coursework is required before being allowed to begin APPEs.

Students are assigned to approved on- and off-campus facilities and must have reliable transportation as sites may not be in close proximity to the college.

The curriculum stresses innovative delivery and assessment methods and prepares students for the practice of pharmacy and board examinations. 

This full-time program requires a student's full and committed effort .

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