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The Advanced Standing Program for international pharmacy graduates educates students to achieve the same outcomes as the entry level Pharm.D. degree program, but in an accelerated format.  Courses are taken with the entry-level students in an integrated classroom.  The curriculum focuses on clinical courses, as well as additional coursework to prepare students for advanced pharmacy practice.  Outside of the United States, pharmacy programs typically focus on pharmaceutics or dosage forms.  The growth of patient care responsibilities has created the need for pharmacists to study disease process, acquire pharmacotherapeutic knowledge and improve patient monitoring skills.  Courses integrate information and build upon one another to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the profession.  Students admitted with advanced standing may have individualized coursework, depending on their previous pharmacy coursework.  The advanced standing curiculum outline is representative of the typical international pharmacy graduate entering the Pharm.D. degree program.

Professional Program Goal: The goal of the College of Pharmacy (COP) professional degree program curriculum is to provide graduates with the knowledge, professional skills, attitudes and values necessary to address the pharmacy-related needs of society.