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Mission: To educate and develop practitioners and researchers who, through their leadership and entrepreneurism, will transform the profession of pharmacy to improve global health.

Vision: To be recognized as an innovative and entrepreneurial college of pharmacy providing opportunities that encourage innovation in education, practice, and research.

Building upon our already outstanding reputation for pharmacy education, the College of Pharmacy (COP) is ready for to transform the pharmacy profession. As part of a university renowned for encouraging innovation, we prepare graduates for patient-centered care, leadership, innovation, and lifelong learning.

The COP is poised to advance to the frontline of global health care, joining the world’s top inter-professional health care organizations and professionals. Our goal for the next decade is to broaden our positive impact on health care by providing the education, training, research, and services that distinguish NSU COP as one of the preeminent colleges of pharmacy in the United States.

Through local, national, and global partnerships, we provide platforms to advance pharmacy education programming. Our alumni play many critical roles within our College - returning to share their knowledge and expertise in the classroom, mentoring students, training students at IPPE and APPE sites, sponsoring scholarships, providing internship opportunities, and much more.  COP alumni provide the support and involvement critical in executing our mission and helping us continue to develop the nation's most promising pharmacy graduates for roles as future leaders in global healthcare.

What we are doing for YOU  

We continue to improve the state of the college and are considered a destination for pharmacy education. To achieve our mission and vision we need YOU. We took the time and made great efforts to meet with many of you to get your input into what we can do to improve our connection with you and enhance your career after graduation. Many alumni have come forward and helped boost our program. Without our alumni, our traditions and reputation would not be what it is today.  As we continue to move forward here are some initiative already in place:

  • partnership with the Miami Dolphins offering alumni the opportunity to attend games at the Hard Rock Stadium and network;
  • annual alumni reunions take place each August in Puerto Rico and November in Fort Lauderdale/Davie;
  • providing new and emerging career opportunities for our alumni;
  • major discounts to alumni on hotels, cars, travel, and much more. We will continuously be adding to our alumni offerings. Alumni Discounts 

    How you can be a part of the culture change 

    Speaking Opportunity – Many of our #Pharmily have reached out to us about the amazing things they are doing as professionals and the creative roles they play in shaping the future of the profession. We would love to have you come share your success, educate our current young professionals about your experiences, and share information about the business and field you are shaping. 

    Mentoring Opportunity- Mentoring is key to the success and growth of our profession, enabling each of us to grow, learn, and transform our goals into actions. It helps build a dynamic culture and professional community.  We want to ensure our students have every opportunity to be the best in whatever pathway they choose.  You are a major factor in shaping the future of pharmacy.  

    Our commitment to the profession

    We continue to attract talented faculty and exceptional researchers to develop our program to the next level. The healthcare industry is ever changing and COP will be a transformative leader in healthcare.   

    What's happening now

    • Updated Pharm.D. curriculum coming soon
      • Updated labs which will allow our students to be more hands on and integrate new approaches and technologies
      • Flipped classroom model
    • M.S. Programs 
      • M.S. in Pharmaceutical Affairs (MSPA)
      • M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSPS)
    • New research facility 
      • NSU opened the Center for Collaborative Research Center (CCR).  Several COP faculty are already housed there doing innovative and ground breaking research.

    Thank you for your continued support of the college and its mission and vision. We look forward to what we will accomplish together a #Pharmily.   

Mislady (Millie) A. Vélez, M.S.
Director, Professional Affairs
Pone: 954-262-1674
Fax: 954-262-2278

Aiman Rahman, M.S.
Administrative Assistant

Phone: 954-262-1380
Fax: 954-262-2278

Mailing Address
NSU College of Pharmacy
Health Professions Division
3200 South University Drive
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33328-2018

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