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A Note from the NSU Executive Director of Continuing Professional Education… “Future License Renewal, 0, 58, 198 your choice”
Dear Pharmacy Practitioner, welcome to the NSU College of Pharmacy Continuing Professional Education website. I recently sat in on a CE Broker webinar that described the future “mandatory” method of how pharmacists will be renewing their Florida pharmacy licenses. Starting October 1, 2013, CE Broker offers you three methods for reporting your CE credits to them in order for you to receive a renewal notice. You have your own “portfolio” waiting for you with three options;
1. FREE of charge– you have the opportunity to peek at what you have banked as credit specific to your license number.
2. For $29/year or $58 per two year cycle, the professional package will allow you to upload your own credits. For example, if you attend a national meeting (ASHP, APHA or another ACPE approved course) where the provider does not report to CE Broker, you have to upload that information into your profile. If you attend programs that do not have Florida Board/CE Broker nor ACPE approval you must first request individual approval of credit from the Board of Pharmacy.
3. The Concierge package requires $99/year ($198 per two years) and allows everything that #2 does but includes your own personal CE Broker trainer to guide you through your issues.
The time has arrived where CE Broker is enforcing the compliance of license renewal via “mandatory reporting of CE.” Pharmacy is a priority among the 52 professional groups that they reside over. In my projections, I believe they will receive well over 1 million dollars from pharmacists holding just the PS licenses. In making your selection online, it appears a challenge to not select the $29 category. In my opinion I recommend that you should go with “O” and do the following;
1. Attend or complete programs that upload your continuing education work (CE credits) directly to CE Broker for all of your Florida pharmacy licenses, PS, PU, Nuclear and even for our technicians.
2. If you cannot get your provider to upload your information, I would consider going with option #2 in the second year ($29) and upload those programs.
3. If you attend non-ACPE or non-CE Broker approved programs, you have to make sure you have pre-approval from the Board of Pharmacy for these programs and exact credit. Don’t count on post approval.