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About Us

Dean's Welcome

Dean Deziel, NSU College of Pharmacy

Lisa Deziel, Pharm.D., Ph.D.

Nova Southeastern University (NSU) College of Pharmacy (COP) is a vibrant, dynamic place - ever changing, constantly growing and always working toward providing new opportunities for our students, alumni, and community friends. Our website is designed to introduce you to the college and keep you up to date on our activities. In addition, you will find admissions and curriculum information; highlights; faculty, alumni, and student profiles; and information on student organizations and events. We hope you will find the information useful and engaging and that you enjoy the exciting environment that is NSU COP.

The college offers a challenging professional program of study in pharmacy through the Pharm.D. degree designed to meet the needs of current and future patient-centered care. Presented by highly talented and diverse faculty using innovative teaching modalities and technologies, our graduates are prepared to be medication therapy managers and positioned for leadership positions within the health care environment. We also provide opportunities for students who want more than the traditional curriculum, including concurrent degree programs for qualified students to earn a Pharm.D./M.B.A., Pharm.D/M.P.H, or Pharm.D./M.S.B.I. Opportunities to work with faculty on research projects, an advanced-standing program for international pharmacists, and an international travel study programs add to our diverse list of offerings.

NSU COP also offers a quality Ph.D. program - one that attracts students from all over the world. With three tracks to choose from in either pharmaceutical sciences or social and administrative pharmacy, our Ph.D. students are engaged in meaningful research with our talented faculty. The Ph.D. degree prepares graduates for positions within academia and industry by providing quality classroom and research experiences.

In fall 2016 the college admitted its first class of masters students in the M.S. in Pharmaceutical Affairs. In fall 2017 the college will welcome its first class of students in the M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences program.  These degrees will provide additional opportunities for students interested in the acquisition of knowledge and skills associated with pharmaceutical agents and prepare them for positions in academia, managerial or sales positions in the pharmaceutical industry, research organizations, managed care, and other health-related agencies.

Benefiting from the location and diversity of south Florida, NSU COP offers our students an environment that cannot be matched elsewhere. Our faculty presents an extraordinary combination of specialized research backgrounds, enthusiasm, and dedication that is essential to a successful program. Available to that mix of faculty investigators for the conduct of their work are excellent and growing research facilities, and the financial support from grants, the college, and the university. The Center for Collaborative Research (CCR) will provide state-of-the-art space and equipment for faculty and student researchers. 

The College is positioned to continue providing leadership and transforming pharmacy education and research.  Get engaged with our college and make NSU COP your destination for pharmacy education.


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