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Student and Alumni Testimonials

Alumni & Student Testimonials

Dr. Kjelson

Being an Alumni of Nova Southeastern University is one honor that cannot be described in words alone...

From the moment I stepped foot off the campus as a new Doctor of Pharmacy, I have taken the industry on by surprise and surpassed many personal and professional goals. As a business owner, supervising staff in the oncology department at Sylvester Cancer Center in the University of Miami, consultant pharmacist in the long term and athletic industry, a public speaker on topics like Healthcare Industrialization and Innovation for venues like Johns Hopkins University, The Florida Concierge Conference, and The Biggest Loser TV show, I have come a very far way in a little bit of time. I credit a lot of my success to the establishment that has not only allowed me to better myself and my career, but also showed me a path to success by providing a great program that is constantly evolving to meet the industry demands of innovators. With any great program, there must be a great leader and NSU College of Pharmacy has the best. I appreciate every day and second I had the opportunity to be at NSU College of Pharmacy. I look forward to paving ways for future doctors in this industry moving forward and hope I too can be a leader.

Scott Kjelson, Pharm.D., CPh.
College of Pharmacy, Graduating Class of 2014
CEO/Founder of Genobic
Pharm D. Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center
Longer Term Care Consultant Pharmacist
Public Speaker of Healthcare Industrialization and Motivation for our future
U.S. Navy Veteran

Dr. Ashworth

Innovation and creativity are what initially attracted me to Nova...

The experience I had there was truly fantastic. I was able to thrive in an environment that offered a staff driven to see their students succeed, an opportunity to network with allied health professionals, and most importantly the mindset for building relationships versus just running a business. There is no doubt that my education at Nova is an anchor in the success I’ve experienced in my career.  Read the full testimonial>>


Richard M. Ashworth, Pharm.D.
College of Pharmacy, Graduating Class of 1999
President, Pharmacy & Retail Operations, Walgreen co.

Dr. DelgadoMy time at NSU’s COP was invaluable to me...

The ability to interact with many students from all the health professions helped shape me for what is critical in the current healthcare landscape today. The COP has kept me informed with all of its growth over the years and I am proud to be in a position today where I can help give back to NSU everything it has done for me.

Osmel Delgado, Pharm.D., MBA, FASHP
College of Pharmacy, Graduating Class of 2002
Chief Operating Officer, Cleveland Clinic Florida

Randi B. Agata My experience at NSU College of Pharmacy has made my dreams a reality!

The faculty is always helpful and caring; there are many scholarships available to assist with financial needs and the various student organizations provided me with the support I needed to complete a challenging program. Pharmacy is a versatile and extremely rewarding profession - thanks to the education that I have attained at NSU, I am ready to become a valued member of the healthcare team!


Randi Blake Agata
Pharm.D. Candidate 2016
Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity Inc.
Pharmacist Intern (Winn-Dixie Pharmacy)

Sheldon JamesMy Professional desire has always has been to provide quality patient care...

NSU College of Pharmacy taught me the therapeutic and clinical aspect of Pharmacy, while also painting a picture in my mind and imprinting on my heart the patient interactive skills necessary to positively affect someone’s quality of life. Even when life’s financial obstacles threatened to derail my progress, the College of Pharmacy went above and beyond to support my scholastic journey in the form of scholarships and endless encouragement. As a result of such a supportive faculty that felt more like family, and a program that challenges the mind, I transitioned into a complete Practitioner, with the confidence to function at a high level in every healthcare environment.

The combination of amazing faculty members, in addition to all of our extremely diverse student organizations allowed me to gain experience and knowledge that I never thought possible. The experiences that I had during my time at NSU are truly ones that I will never forget and I firmly believe that our educational experience is second to none.  

Sheldon James
Pharm.D. Candidate 2016
Accepted staff Pharmacist position with Walgreens (Seattle, WA) post-graduation 2016.
Tutor K-12 foster care children in the Ft Lauderdale Broward area.

Jennifer ButhNSU instilled the importance of integrity into my head and heart...

Upon graduation from pharmacy school, I had no idea that I would be faced with a nationwide whistleblower lawsuit. I found comfort in knowing that I had chosen Nova Southeastern University for my degree. NSU employs a most professional faculty who pushes students to strive for excellence. Students are not only taught academics, but how to uphold the moral and ethical conduct that we take in our oath at graduation. As an NSU graduate, I was prepared to ensure my patients would not be let down. NSU instilled the importance of integrity into my head and heart.

Jennifer Denk Buth, Pharm.D.
College of Pharmacy, Graduating Class of 2007

Deborah BrownRealizing potential...

The PharmD degree, and Continuing Education that I receive from the NSU College of Pharmacy has helped me excel and stay relevant in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Deborah A. Brown, RPh, MS, PharmD, FASHP
College of Pharmacy, Graduating Class of 2002
President, Pharmacy Consulting LLC

Nour SamraAttending NSU's College of Pharmacy has nurtured my passion for public service, my thirst for knowledge and self development...

NSU's College of Pharmacy has allowed me to pursue a profession that's fulfilling, constantly changing and intellectually stimulating. Because of NSU, I will be given the privilege to touch people's lives while simultaneously investing in a career that will allow me to grow and evolve. I believe I have a social obligation to help individuals of low socioeconomic status receive the care they deserve; something I am most able to achieve through pharmacy practice. Through the pharmacy profession, I am given the tools to bridge the gaps in the healthcare system and bring about the changes I hope to see in the world.

Nour Samra
Pharm.D. Candidate 2017
COP Dean's Ambassador; 2015-2016 President, SNPhA; 2015-2016 Vice President, Rho Chi; 2015-2016 Treasurer, MASH
Currently employed as a Pharmacy Intern

Levi Morris Being the fourth oldest of 10 children, I understand the value of sharing and being a positive role model for others...

As a recipient of the Chancellor's scholarship, it has provided the opportunity to attend NSU and represent the College of Pharmacy as a Dean's Ambassador. While the doctorate of Pharmacy comes with the highest Merit, the greatest feeling of accomplishment is realizing and knowing that I have made my family proud by achieving my dreams of becoming a Pharmacist.

With this sense of achievement, I can only thank NSU for your commitment to education and hope in the near future, I can contribute and bestow these same feelings onto other students and our community.

Levi Morris
Pharm.D. Candidate 2016
COP Dean's Ambassador 2014-2015
APhA-ASP Policy Vice President
FPA Student Council
Phi Delta Chi Professional Pharmacy Fraternity

Danielle LerchMy time at NSU’s College of Pharmacy and the relationships that I created throughout all our networking opportunities has allowed me to become the best professional that I could be...

The combination of amazing faculty members, in addition to all of our extremely diverse student organizations allowed me to gain experience and knowledge that I never thought possible. The experiences that I had during my time at NSU are truly ones that I will never forget and I firmly believe that our educational experience is second to none.  

Danielle Lerch
Pharm.D. Candidate 2016
Pharmacy Intern

Genevieve HaleThe college of pharmacy was more than an institution with a challenging curriculum centered on professionalism; it was also a home away from home...

As current pharmacy practice is fast-changing with new technology and a growing legislative body, NSU college of pharmacy prepared me for the unknown challenges ahead post-graduation and taught me how to succeed. Furthermore, the faculty provided outstanding mentorship, which created a safe, positive, and enjoyable learning environment that made you proud during your preparation in entering this amazing field of health care. By offering opportunities, such as the Chancellor's Scholarship, I felt truly supported by my program and was motivated to continue to work at my highest level.

Genevieve Hale, PharmD, BCPS
College of Pharmacy, Graduating Class of 2013
Assistant Professor
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist - Cardiology
Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy

Genevieve Hale, PharmD, BCPS, received her Doctor of Pharmacy from NSU in 2013. After completion of a pharmacy practice PGY-1 residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and cardiology PGY-2 residency at the Ann Arbor Veterans' Affairs, she later joined the faculty at NSU College of Pharmacy as assistant professor in 2015.

Geneen Graber MaxwellI will always be eternally grateful to the Nova Southeastern College of Pharmacy Administration and Faculty...

They provided me a strong fundamental knowledge base, gave me encouragement to believe in myself and opened the door of opportunity so I could realize my potential.

Geneen Graber Maxwell, Pharm.D.
College of Pharmacy, Graduating Class of 1996
CEO, Dr G's Pharmacy, Inc.

Farima Fakheri RaofMy journey with the NSU College of Pharmacy is one of the most significant events in my life...

Aside from the scholarships that COP offered me, they have empowered me to succeed in my academic career. NSU COP is always recognizing their students. Plus, the student body and especially the faculty are super supportive. This program has prepared me to enter the exciting world of pharmacy and I cannot wait to contribute to our profession! 

Farima Fakheri Raof
Pharm.D. Candidate 2017
Recipient of the Glorida Francke scholarship
Pharmacy Intern at Community Pharmacy

If you are an alumni or a student and wish to have your testimony heard – please email it to us (text and your photo).

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