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PharmaCon 2016

In the Spring 2016 the 3rd year students took part in the inaugural "ShaRx Tank" (subsequently named "PharmaCon" in the following year), the pinnacle of their Pharmacy Seminar course.  Students presented posters followed by presentations and demonstrations to a distinguished panel, who judged them on originality, practicality, and innovation.  Presentations ranged from the PharmBox: Good Health Delivered Monthly to the Impact of Virtual Pharmacist on Patient Outcomes, and many creative ideas in between.  Students performed at the highest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy and opportunities like this enable our students to create new career opportunities and move the profession forward.  Our students are truly “breaking free from the status quo.”

Sharx Tank 2016

PharmaCon 2016 Themes 

Please contact Jaime Riskin, Pharm.D. if you are interested in participating in PharmaCon or if you would like more information:

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