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Pharm.D. Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing Curriculum

The Advanced Standing three-year curriculum for international pharmacy graduates gives standing based upon previously completed coursework in accordance with the Foreign Coursework Evaluation procedure outlined in the admissions section. The curriculum facilitates the integration of the international pharmacists into the entry-level class, as requested by ACPE.

The courses are representative of the overall requirements of the program at the time of publication, and are subject to change. The curriculum is revised, as needed, to meet the demands of the profession.

Students in the Advanced Standing program can receive a Dotor of Pharmacy with a concentration in Project Management. If you are interested in this concentration, contact Elizabeth F. Shepherd, M.B.A., P.harm.D., FASCP for more information.

First Year

Summer Foundations (June- August)

Summer Courses Course Name Credits
PHRC 5811 Foundations of Pharmacy I 2
PHRC 5812 Foundations of Pharmacy II 5
Total: 7



Course Name Credits
PHRC 4990 IPPE: Community Pharmacy 4
PHRL 5813 Foundations of Pharmacy III 2
PHRC 5832 Integrated Disease Management II 4
PHRC 5833 Integrated Disease Management III 4
PHRC 5863 Essentials of Professional Practice III 2
PHRC 5873 Evidence-Based Practice III 2
PHRC 5883 Leadership and Professional Development III 1
PHRC 5893 Integrated Pharmacy Applications III 2
PHRC 5813 Pharmacy Skills Development III 1
PHRC 5910 Immunology and Clinical Microbiology 2
PHRC 5934 Integrated Disease Management IV 3
PHRC 5935 Integrated Disease Management V 5
PHRC 5964 Essentials of Professional Practice IV 2
PHRC 5974 Evidence-Based Practice IV 2
PHRC 5984 Leadership and Professional Development IV 1
PHRC 5994 Integrated Pharmacy Applications IV 2
PHRL 5914 Pharmacy Skills Development IV 1
Total: 40

Second Year

Course Course Name Credits
PHRC 5800 Patient and Physical Assessment 2
PHRC 5990 IPPE: Health Systems 4
PHRC 6836 Integrated Disease Management VI 4
PHRC 6837 Integrated Disease Management VII 3
PHRC 6838 Integrated Disease Management VIII 3
PHRC 6865 Essentials of Professional Practice V 3
PHRC 6875 Evidence-Based Practice V 2
PHRC 6885 Leadership and Professional Development V 1
PHRC 6895 Integrated Pharmacy Applications V 2
PHRL 6810 Sterile Products Laboratory 1
PHRL 6815 Pharmacy Skills Development V 1
PHRC 6920 Seminar 1
PHRC 7700 Integrated Care 4
PHRE Elective 2
Total: 39

Third Year

Course Course Name Credits
PHRC 7710 APPE: Internal Medicine 6
PHRC 7720 APPE: Ambulatory Care 6
PHRC 7730 APPE: Advanced Hospital 6
PHRC 7740 APPE: Community Pharmacy 6
PHRC 7750 APPE: Elective I 6
PHRC 7760 APPE: Elective II 6
PHRC 7770 APPE: Elective III 6
PHRC 7801 Curricular Review I  1
PHRC 7802 Curricular Review II  1
PHRC 7803 Curricular Review III  2
*Total: 40

Total Curriculum Credit Hours: 126

(*one APPE may be taken at the end of Yr 2 and not repeated in Yr 3)

IPPE = Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience
APPE = Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience

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