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COP Happenings


October, 2018

Over 100 NSU COP Students Participate in “A Day for Children”

Students from all Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy’s (NSU COP) programs united to help bring joy and knowledge to close to 4,000 children and their families. The 19th Annual “A Day for Children” took place outside the Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus’ Alvin Sherman Library on Sunday, October 21st

Members of more than 10 different COP student organizations manned 12 tables, each with a different game that taught attendees valuable health lessons.  Some of the most popular areas of the COP tent were “Exer-Dice” in which students rolled a dice to determine which exercise they would do to earn a prize.  They also had a “Sugar Toss” game which encouraged participants to toss out sugar while learning important nutritional information and just for fun, there was slime making and rubber band bracelet-making stations.

Dr. Robert Speth, who helped organize the COP students participating, said, “It was important to us that there be a range of activities for attendees from nutritional information to learning about the value of proper skincare.”  He continues, “The event provides disadvantaged and/or handicapped children and their families the opportunity to learn about resources and allows COP students to devote time and effort promoting healthy habits while applying the skills they are learning in class.”

 Day for Children

In addition to students, faculty and staff, Interim Dean, Michelle A. Clark, Ph.D, has been a great supporter of this event, being the only dean in attendance—which may have something to do with COP having the most students in attendance out of all the colleges.  “A Day for Children has afforded me the opportunity to combine my passion for service, mentoring and serving my community—especially children, who are a vulnerable population and deserve our focus and protection,” says Dr. Clark.  She continues, “I am proud to be a Shark and hope this event will continue to be a signature NSU event for years to come.” 

The event has been a staple at Nova Southeastern University since 2002 when creator, Ronnie Oller started the event—hosting 2 events per year and helping over 100,000 attendees gain insight into resources since its inception.  While other organizations participate, NSU is threaded throughout the entire event.  Ms. Oller said of this year’s NSU COP students, “This is the best medical tent we have ever had.  I have nothing but praise for the students and faculty who participated.” 

Next year, “A Day for Children” will be celebrating its 20th installment on September 15th and Ms. Oller has already tagged NSU COP’s students to be an integral part of the event.

October, 2018

Puerto Rico Celebrates Women Pharmacist Day with Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy

By: Yuleika De Castro

Women are making an impact in the profession of pharmacy with over 75% of all pharmacy graduates being women.  The contribution of women has now been recognized via an official proclamation by the Senate of Puerto Rico making October 12th “Women Pharmacist Day”.  The event took place at Cardinal Health with the participation of Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy’s Assistant Dean, Dr. Blanca Ortiz (’03) and Director of Experiential Education, Dr. Julie Marin (’07), who shared insight to work done in the pharmacy academic setting. 

 PR Pharmacist Woman Day

“It’s a culture shift.  Traditionally, the medical field was more masculine and now, with so many women in the pharmacy profession, we are changing the way the medical field sees us,” says Dr. Marin.  She continues, “Pharmacists are now being called on as an integral part of a multidisciplinary team that provides a comprehensive approach to the continuum of care for patients, which is more than just counting tablets or dispensing medications.  It’s about really listening to the patient and having the heart to serve.” 

Women pharmacists from different practice areas, such as the Puerto Rican Pharmacists Association, Community Pharmacy, hospitals and entrepreneurs, were recognized at the lunch meeting and P4 student, Ms. Keyla Rodriguez was also present at the event. 


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