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Michelle A. Clark, Ph.D.


Michelle A. Clark, Ph.D., came to NSU's Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy for the opportunity to conduct pioneering research and to teach. And, that's exactly what she does in extraordinary fashion. As a researcher, Clark is investigating the role of brain cells in blood pressure control. She recognizes that while the causes of hypertension are unknown, the design of drugs for the prevention and treatment requires knowledge of how the brain controls blood pressure.

Clark has received grants to further her research from both the National Institute of Health and the NSU President's Faculty Research and Development Grant program. On the near horizon, NSU will increase opportunities for both faculty members and students to better address the health care needs of society by building the Health Professions Division Center for Collaborative research - the largest wet-lab research facility in Florida.

As a teacher and mentor, Clark sets an example for students by aiming to make life better through research and education. One of her greatest rewards is seeing her small group of lab students mature scientifically and gain a passion for research. Beyond the classroom and the lab, Clark's personal message for pharmacists is to give back to the field through support of the next generation of pharmacy professionals and their innovative research.

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