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Doctoral Programs


The Pharm.D. program prepares students for an exciting career in pharmacy.  The patient care pharmacist, or clinical pharmacist, is highly educated in disease process, pharmacotherapy, and patient monitoring. Pharmacists review patient history and disease manifestations to guide the selection of cost-effective therapy. To optimize the outcome of medication use, the pharmacist remains in communication with patients, maximizing adherence to prescribed medication and patient response to therapeutic agents. Pharmacists work closely with interprofessional teams, including physicians, nurses, and other members of the health care team, to review and modify patient-care plans to improve patient outcomes, as required. Pharmacists emphasize disease prevention by providing immunizations, smoking cessation programs, and education about prominent chronic disease states. 

The curriculum develops students into lifelong learners, who are actively involved in advocacy for the profession, are patient-centered, and develop team-based relationships with other health-care professionals.

 For more information on pursuing your Pharm.D. career, select either the Entry Level Program, or the Advanced Standing Program (for International Pharmacy Graduates) tab in the left hand column. 

We look forward to you joining our diverse, talented team of faculty and students.  Go SharksRx!

The Ph.D. program provides an opportunity for students to focus on either the Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Drug Development (Pharmaceutics), or Molecular Medicine and Pharmacogenomics.  We build on the strength of each student to educate the graduate who is ready to address the health-related issues of society and help people live healthier, better lives.  Students are mentored by faculty members who are experts in their field and dedicated to providing quality education focused on academic excellence.

For more information on pursuing your Ph.D. select the tab in the left hand column. 

Make NSU COP our destination for pharmacy education.

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