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Continuing Education Program

Contemporary Pharmacy Issues logo

29th Annual
Pharmacy Issues

Saturday, May 5, 2018
Sunday, May 6, 2018

Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus
3200 South University Drive
Fort Lauderdale FL 33328

About the Program

The 29th Annual Contemporary Pharmacy Issues Conference covers programs that relate to what’s happening now in our profession plus offering required courses for re-licensure for pharmacists, consultants and technicians. All programs are ACPE approved! All programs are acceptable by CE Broker for up to 17 live general and Florida Med Error – 2 hours. There will be up to 14 hours of consultant re-certification credit available.

The two day event has a total of 19 hours programming which feature a keynote speaker, a three hour pain work shop and a two hour cameo on recent Alzheimer’s Disease reversal information. These three presentations represent first offerings for pharmacists in the U.S. continuing education circles.

Barry Bleidt photo

The Conference starts with the charismatic personality of Dr. Barry Bleidt taking on one of the most debatable of contemporary subjects, “The Good, Bad and Ugly of Vaccines in America.” He will explore what the pharmacy industry doesn't’t want you to know about vaccines and yet master the morning with evidence-based information that all pharmacists can utilize in practice or personal use.

David White photo

Following Vaccines, Super Personal Injury Lawyer and Keynote Speaker, David White, J.D., of Palm Beach Gardens will take on Florida’s pharmacy laws to the point where you may question why you are a pharmacist. He will exam sections of Chapter 465 and teach you about the colossal amount of hidden legal responsibilities extended to you within this practice act. You will not want to miss this awaking presentation.

After the break, participants will be treated to an exciting drug information and new drug update by another charismatic speaker, Dr. Renee Jones. Interestingly, she will tie some of the drugs and their issues back into Dr. White’s presentation, the clinical data information that we are responsible to know – yet do not have a clue about.

Drs. Kavita Singh and Fabio Vogel will introduce a new tool that was developed at Memorial Miramar and discuss the influence it has had in their “Transitions of Care” pharmacy program and project its innovative future.

Ilana Newman photo
Ilana Newman book

A three hour workshop addressing a direct federal and state challenge to us and all healthcare workers (opioid use) teaches pharmacists an alternative to drug pain management. It turns out to be the best kept secret in pain management and it’s in your own hands. Used by millions worldwide Korean Hand Therapy is a scientifically studied system. Recently Dr. Ilana Newman taught over 500 physicians on a cruise, the techniques for pain management. She is a South Florida physician who utilizes her talents also in the palliative care area. Dr. Newman will utilize her recent 2018 book in the workshop.

Sunday starts early with an old topic but new information in Smoke Cessation at 7:00 am. Get up and learn early – there’s always something new here.

Matthew Seamon, J.D., Pharm.D., attorney/pharmacists handles the two hour Med Error requirement with a flair needed to deliver one of the driest of challenges. He makes presenting the required elements seem like fun.

Former Board Member Goar Alvarez will bring us up to date with the Board of Pharmacy activities. He will also include what happened in State legislative efforts last month that may impact your careers.

Dr. Gayle Callahan will share with us her world in addiction. Gayle is a regular faculty member at our Initial Consultant programs and this particular focus has always been of interest to our consultants. It also addresses one of the federal governments’ leading contemporary issues as well.

Note there is a Track II on Sunday between 10:10 – 12:10. This is a recording of Bob Parrado’s lecture from November 2017 titled “ Validation of Prescription for Controlled Substances.” This is the two-hour requirement for re-licensure. If you need this course you can: 1. attend the recording at the conference and answer the self-assessment questions, or 2. listen to the recording online and e-mail the answers to us. Listening online gives you the opportunity to attend the two live hours in Track I. To achieve the 2-hours Validation of Prescriptions credit you must request the online course directly from us after you register. Once registered for the course, you must finish it before May 16th. There is no extra charge for the online program for those registered for the May 5/6 program.

Sunday afternoon offers more excitement in education as technicians and pharmacists separate at 1:00 pm.

Stuart Shipe photo

Back again is one of America’s leading preventive medicine physician/pharmacists to share unique knowledge and to encourage pharmacists to explore the world of Alzheimer’s before accepting Aricept as the final word from physicians. Dr. Stuart Shipe undertakes one of the most interesting clinical issues of the day, reversing Alzheimer’s Disease. Using very recent clinical data, he will demonstrate the three methods of how one gets the disease and then progresses to extrapolate that if you know how to get it, then here’s how to reverse it. He will provide references and interesting outcomes. This is another one of these “don’t want to miss” programs.

The technician world will be addressed by one of best instructors as mentor Bernadette Washington brings everyone up to date with an interactive teaching style that address those contemporary issues that includes testing, credentialing and work force.

The day ends with one track. This track will look at the more common clinical issues and standards that most patient face in Florida. Dr. Andrea Levin will update pharmacists in diabetes, lipids, and hypertension standard changes plus other areas. A nice way to end a two day teaching effort.

For Further Details and Registration go to: or call NSU 954.262.1328.

Learning Objectives
for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

The Good, Bad & Ugly of Vaccines in America
(0092-0000-18-008-L01-P,T) - 1 Hour
Upon completion of this session, the participants should be better able to:
1. Identify the Rights of Medication Administration for Vaccines.<br/ > 2. Review evidence-based challenges to vaccines not being good for patients in general.
3. Identify recommended vaccine administration best practices.
4. Describe best practices to prevent vaccine administration errors.

Legal Weaknesses of Pharmacists
(0092-0000-18-009-L04-P,T) - 1 Hour
Upon completion of this session, the participants should be better able to:
1. Review the crucial elements of Chapter 465 that put pharmacists "at risk" from a legal stand point.
2. Compare the legal protection that physicians have over pharmacists for identical complaints.
3. Describe the unknown "data" responsibilities that a pharmacist has with every prescription addressed.
4. Review the history of the increasing numbers of legal liabilities that pharmacists have incurred since 1965.

Critical Drug Literature for the Responsible Pharmacist (& Pharmacy Technician)
(0092-0000-18-010-L01-P,T) - 2 Hours
Upon completion of this session, the participants should be better able to:
1. Describe the specific drug knowledge from the package insert that pharmacists need to know.
2. Discuss how to use the 133 FDA approved genetic drug tests available to pharmacists.
3. Review the pharmacists' responsibilities in where to find critical drug literature.
4. Identify those patients with highest potential for drug knowledge education.

New Drugs Only Update
(0092-0000-18-011-L01-P,T) - 1 Hour
Upon completion of this session, the participants should be better able to:
1. Discuss the clinical indications for the new medications approved by the FDA. (last 6 months)
2. Recognize the clinically relevant drug interactions for these medications.
3. Identify the most common adverse reactions for the new drug approvals.
4. Explain the approved dosing guidelines and recommended dosage adjustments for the medications reviewed.

Impact of a Pharmacist Transitions of Care Program
(0092-0000-18-012-L04-P,T) - 1 Hour
Upon completion of this session, the participants should be better able to:
1. Recognize the value of Patient Education in a TOC program.
2. Learn the importance of Health Confidence Assessment
3. Describe Transitions of Care in a hospital setting
4. Discuss pharmacists involvement and advantages in the TOC process
5. Describe types of interventions.

Pain Management Workshop: Korean Hand Reflexology
(0092-0000-18-013-L04-P,T) - 3 Hours
Upon completion of this session, the participants should be better able to:
1. Explain how to locate and treat pain using Korean Hand Therapy points on the hands.
2. Differentiate key landmarks on the hands representing the map of the body.
3. Accurately locate painful points on the hands corresponding to areas of pain in the body.
4. Demonstrate how to effectively use non-needle stimulation of points on the hands to treat pain in the body.

Advanced Training in Smoke Cessation
(0092-0000-18-014-L04-P,T) - 1 Hour
Upon completion of this session, the participant should be better able to:
1. Discuss the quality, safety and efficiencies of reducing health disparities.
2. Engage patients and their families in their overall healthcare coordination.
3. Describe adequate privacy and security protections for personal health information.
4. Discuss how to improve population and public health through Cessation Programs.

Med Error: Addressing the State Requirements & More
(0092-0000-18-015-L05-P,T) - 2 Hours
Upon completion of this session, the participants should be better able to:
1. Describe the review process for root cause analysis.
2. Discuss error reduction and prevention in the pharmacy setting.
3. Identify categories of high-risk medications.
4. Discuss methods (eg. stress) to increase patient safety in the workplace.
5. Discuss the Florida continuing education requirements regarding med error review.
6. Provide strategies & introduce cultures that may be employed to decrease patient medication errors.
7. Review ten year's history of analyzing Florida med error pharmacists in a remedial program.

Florida Board of Pharmacy Update
(0092-0000-18-016-L04-P,T) - 1 Hour
Upon completion of this session, the participants should be better able to:
1. Describe the Immunization changes afforded pharmacists regarding recent legislative changes.
2. Discuss the pharmacy technician ratio implementation regulation outcomes.
3. Update laboratory ordering opportunities for pharmacists over past year.
4. Discuss the MAC ruling on reimbursement for pharmacies.

The Pharmacist Focus in Treatment of Pain Addiction
(0092-0000-18-017-L04-P,T) 1 Hour
Upon completion of this session, the participants should be better able to:
1. Describe the magnitude of the drug abuse problem in the United States and the adverse health and social consequences.
2. Describe how the brain becomes addicted
3. Discuss how addiction can develop despite a person􀂶s best intentions and in spite of their strength of character
4. Describe how the addiction of multiple sources complicates recovery.
5. Discuss how behavioral research has contributed to our understanding of many of the factors involved in drug abuse.

Three Ways to Get Alzheimer's Disease
(0092-0000-18-018-L04-P,T) - 2 Hours
Upon completion of this session, the participant should be better able to:
1. Review the current philosophy and treatment strategy in successfully acquiring Alzheimer's
2. Discuss the factors needed to reduce cognitive function
3. Evaluate the various types of cognitive loss
4. Describe the evaluation tools needed to confirm the diagnosis of Alzheimer's
5. List the treatment strategies that limit our success in getting Alzheimer's.

New Trends in the Pharmacy Technician World
(0092-0000-18-020-L04-P,T) - 2 hours
Upon completion of this session, the participants should be better able to:
1. Explain the PTCB's introduction of the Certified Sterile Preparation Technician Program
2. Outline the implementation and Enforcement of USP <800>
3. Discuss Tele-pharmacy.
4. Discuss the possibility of Expanded Roles of Pharmacy Technicians.

Ambulatory Care Hot Topics
(0092-0000-18-019-L01-P,T) - 1 hour
Upon completion of this session, the participant should be better able to:
1. Select appropriate pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapies based on current relevant guidelines for individuals with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and/or dyslipidemia
2. Identify updated monitoring parameters and treatment goals for individuals with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and/or dyslipidemia
3. Discuss key elements that may impact therapy decisions.

Validation of Prescriptions for Controlled Substances: Resolving Red Flags and
Allowing Patients to Legally Obtain Their Lawfully Prescribed Medications

(0092-0000-17-01-H04-P) - 2 hours (A new Florida Board of Pharmacy requirement)
Upon completion of this session, the participants should be better able to:
1. Describe how to ensure access to controlled substances for all patients with a valid prescription.
2. Locate the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program’s Database.
3. Assess prescriptions for appropriate therapeutic value.
4. Detect prescriptions that are not based on a legitimate medical purpose.
5. Discuss the laws and rules related to the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances.

Type of Activity

This program offers Live and Home-study courses with Knowledge and Application-Based activities.

Target Audience

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

Preliminary Faculty

Goar Alvarez, Pharm.D., FASCP,
Assistant Professor, NSU College of Pharmacy and Director of Pharmacy Services at NSU Clinic and South Florida State Hospital. He is also immediate past member of the Florida Board of Pharmacy.

Barry A. Bleidt, Ph.D., Pharm.D., R.Ph.,
Professor, Sociobehavioral & Administrative Pharmacy
NSU College of Pharmacy, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Gayle Callahan, Pharm.D., C.Ph., BCPP,
President, Diversified Consultant Pharmacist of Florida, Sarasota, FL

Lisa Deziel, Ph.D., Pharm.D., BCPS, FASHP
Dean, NSU College of Pharmacy, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Carsten Evans, Ph.D., FASHP
Executive Director for Continuing Education and Professional Affairs
NSU Health Professions Division, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Renee S. Jones, Pharm.D., C.Ph.
Director of Pharmacy Partnerships and Innovations
NSU College of Pharmacy, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jerry Elaine Klimetz, R.Ph.,
Cooper City, FL

Frederick Lippman, Ed.D., R.Ph.
NSU Vice President Operations, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Andrea Levin, Pharm.D. BCACP,
Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice,
NSU College of Pharmacy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Ilana Newman, M.D.,
Family Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Adolescent Medicine,
Memorial Miramar, FL

Bob Parrado, B.Pharm., R.Ph.,
Parrado Pharmacy Consultants, Tampa, FL

Jeanie Ross, B.A.
Administrative Coordinator, Continuing Education
NSU College of Pharmacy, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Matthew Seamon, Pharm.D., J.D.
Associate Professor, Chair, Pharmacy Practice
NSU College of Pharmacy, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Stuart Shipe, DOAM, P.A., R.Ph.
Private Practitioner, Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine,
Radio Host, Stuart, FL.

Kavita Singh, Pharm.D.,
Transitions of Care Pharmacist, Memorial Miramar, Miramar, FL

Fabio Vogel, Pharm.D.,
Pharmacy Administrator, Broward Health, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Bernadette Washington, CPhT, RPhT,
Pharmacy Technician Instructor/HOSA Advisor,
Atlantic Technical College/Technical High School, Coconut Creek, FL

David J. White, J.D.,
General Practice, Personal Injury, Federal Trial Practice, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Fees and Registration

For Pharmacists Register Now

Full conference: $189.00
One Day: $100.00


For Pharmacy Technicians Register Now

Full conference: $100.00
One Day: $60.00

  Please Note:

  • Registrations received after 12:01 a.m. 5/1/18 and at the door:
    For Pharmacists - Two Days: $200.00 or One Day: $115.00
    For Pharmacy Technicians - Two Days: $110.00 or One Day: $70.00
  • Refund/Cancellation Policy: Refund of Registration fee, less $10.00 service charge, will be provided for emailed cancellations made before Friday,  May 4th, 2018.
  • No refunds will be granted after Friday May 4th, 2018. NSU has the right to limit the number of participants attending a program.

Program Schedule

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Time Event
7:00 a.m.-
8:00 a.m.
Healthy Breakfast, HPD Cafeteria
7:00 a.m.-
5:00 p.m.
Registration & Sign-in, HPD Cafeteria
8:00 a.m. Welcome, Steele Auditorium
Frederick Lippman, Ed.D, R.Ph., Vice President Operations, NSU
Lisa Deziel, Pharm.D., Ph.D., Dean, NSU College of Pharmacy
8:00 a.m. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Vaccines in America (R)
Barry Bleidt, Pharm.D., R.Ph.
9:00 a.m. Legal Weaknesses of Pharmacists (R)
David White, J.D., Keynote Speaker
10:00 a.m. BREAK
10:10 a.m. Critical Drug Literature for the Responsible Pharmacist (R)
Renee Jones, Pharm.D.
11:10 a.m. New Drug Only Update (R)
Renee Jones, Pharm.D., Ph.D.
12:10 p.m. LUNCH
1:00 p.m. Impact of a Pharmacist "Transitions of Care" Program (R)
Kavita Singh, Pharm.D. & Fabio Vogel, Pharm.D.
2:00 p.m. Pain Management Workshop: Korean Hand Reflexology (R)
Ilana Newman, M.D.
3:00 p.m. BREAK
5:10 p.m. Day 1 Adjournment

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Time Event
7:00 a.m.-
8:00 a.m.
Healthy Breakfast, NSU HPD Cafeteria
7:00 a.m.-
4:00 p.m.
Registration & Sign-in, HPD Cafeteria
7:00 a.m. Advanced Smoke Cessation Skills (R)
8:00 a.m. Welcome, Steele Auditorium
Carsten Evans, Ph.D.
8:00 a.m. Med Error: Addressing the State Requirement & More
Matthew Seamon, J.D., Pharm.D., R.Ph.
10:00 a.m. BREAK
TRACK 1 - Morning Session
10:10 a.m. Florida Board of Pharmacy Update (R)
Goar Alvarez, Pharm.D.
Immediate Member, Florida Board of Pharmacy
11:10 a.m. The Pharmacist Focus in Treatment of Pain Addiction (R)
Gayle Callahan, Pharm.D.
TRACK 2 -Alternative Choice - Video
10:10 a.m. Validation of Rx for Controlled Substances
Robert Parrado, R.Ph.
12:10 p.m. LUNCH
TRACK 1 - Afternoon Session
1:00 p.m. Three Ways to get Alzheimer's Disease (R)
Stuart Shipe, DAOM
TRACK 2 - Pharmacy Techs
1:00 p.m. New Trends in the Pharmacy Technician World (R)
Bernadette Washington, P.Ph.T., P.Ph.T.
3:00 p.m. BREAK
TRACKS 1 & 2 - All Participants
3:10 p.m. Ambulatory Care Hot Topics:
Updates in Hypertension, Diabetes & Dyslipidemia
Andrea Levin, Pharm.D.
5:10 p.m. Program Evaluation & Adjournment

CE Credits and Requirements

There will be up to 19 CE contact hour (1.9 CEUs) general credits and up to 14 consultant recertification credits available for participants who attend the courses, participate in the learning assessments, document the courses taken, and submit a course evaluation. NSU's Continuing Education Department will submit the CE credits earned here to CE Broker and to CPE Monitor for those participants who provide all relevant license numbers and other necessary information. (If you enter an NABP#, you must provide your birth month and day: mm/dd.)


Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education. The 29th Annual Contemporary Pharmacy Issues program has been approved for up to 21.0 contact hours (2.1 CEUs), where up to 19 credits can be achieved. This program has also been approved for 14 hours of Consultant Re-Certification credits.

Policy of Non-Discrimination: Nova Southeastern University admits students of any race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, nondisqualifying disability, religion or creed, or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school, and does not discriminate in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.

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