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Ambulatory care pharmacy practice is the provision of integrated, accessible health care services by pharmacists who are accountable for addressing medication needs, developing sustained partnerships with patients, and practicing in the context of family and community. This is accomplished through direct patient care and medication management for ambulatory patients, long-term relationships, coordination of care, patient advocacy, wellness and health promotion, triage and referral, and patient education and self-management. The ambulatory care pharmacists may work in both an institutional and community-based clinic involved in direct care of a diverse patient population. Ambulatory care pharmacists work in a variety of environments in both hospital and community-based settings. Each site has its own unique practice style and may focus on primary care or focus on one specific disease state.
Ambulatory Care Practice (PDF)
What to expect?
  • To gain knowledge about a field of pharmacy you are is interested in. While our education does briefly go over what each field of pharmacy is responsible for, there is nothing like shadowing to provide that real life experience before you pick your rotation sites.
  • To receive one on one time with an established professional in a field. The pharmacist you are shadowing is an established member of a health care time and is trusted to provide for patients’ healthcare and once has been where you are now. They can offer a treasure trove of information and guidance for the young professional in the making.
  • To build a network of connections by exemplifying professional behavior. Networking is the key to not only getting into a job, but being successful in that job. Fellow pharmacists can be contacted for new information, help with a unique case, or suggestions to improve your own practice.
  • To understand what is expected and required from a pharmacist working in a professional setting. Each healthcare setting is unique, and every specialization of pharmacy is unique within that. In order to truly understand what the pharmacist's role is within that setting, you need to experience if it first hand and to determine if its right for you.

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What is expected?
  • The student expects to gain knowledge about your field of pharmacy.
  • The student expects to gain valuable information and guidance, to learn what is required from a pharmacist working in your unique professional setting .
  • The student expects to build a network of professional connections. Fellow pharmacists can be contacted for new information, help with a unique case, or suggestions to improve the practice.

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