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Pediatric Pharmacotherapy

"Pediatric Pharmacotherapy" book authored by Dr. Sandra Benavides.

Book cover

Sandra Benavides, Pharm.D., and
Milap C. Nahata, Pharm.D, FCCP, Lead Editors

Pediatric Pharmacotherapy focuses on the unique therapeutic needs of neonates, infants, children, and adolescents. Patients in these age groups offer challenges distinct from those of adult patients. Drugs behave differently in this population-medications may not be absorbed, distributed, metabolized, or eliminated in the same manner as in adults, causing increased or decreased efficacy or safety.
For a long time, pharmacotherapy educators have been without a source for concise pediatric-specific pharmacotherapy information. In order to close this gap in the literature, ACCP has recruited experts in pediatric pharmacy to write this comprehensive textbook-a resource essential for students, residents, and any clinician involved in the care of pediatric patients.

Contents include information on specific disease states, as well as drug selection and use, monitoring of effectiveness and toxicity, prevention of medication errors, and patient/caregiver education. Chapters cover the introduction of pediatric care, pediatric pharmacokinetics, pharmacotherapy toxicology in pediatrics, medication safety, communication with pediatric caregivers, and sections on disease states in cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, renal, and hematology systems as well as the fields of psychiatry, infectious diseases, and more.