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The curriculum is currently under review and will be revised as needed to meet the demands of the profession. These courses are representative of the overall requirements of the program at the time of publication and are subject to change.

First Year—Fall Semester

Course Course Name Cr Hours
PHRM 5000 Medical Terminology 0
PHRM 5110 Pharmaceutics I 3
PHRM 5200 Pharmacy Calculations 1
PHRM 5210 Pharmacodynamics I 3
PHRM 5300 Pharmacy & the US Health Care System 2
PHRM 5410 Physiology & Pathophysiology I 4
Total: 13

First Year—Winter Semester

Course Course Name Cr Hours
PHRM 5150 Non Prescription Therapies 3
PHRM 5220 Pharmacodynamics II 3
PHRM 5420 Physiology & Pathophysiology II 4
PHRM 5550 Intro to Drug Info Resources and Health Informatics 2
Total: 12

Second Year—Fall Semester

Course Course Name Cr Hours
HPH 7210 Bioethics: Principles of Life Science Research 3
HPH 7300 Biostatistics I 3
PHRM 5001 Health Economics 3
PHRM 5021 Population Health and Public Policy 3
PHRM 5601 Teaching Certificate I 1
PHRM 5701 Graduate Seminar I 1
Total: 14

Second Year—Winter Semester

Course Course Name Cr Hours
PHRM 5229 Product Development and Industrial Pharmacy 4
PHRM 5570 Biomedical Literature Evaluation 2
PHRM 5602 Teaching Certificate II 1
PHRM 5702 Graduate Seminar II 1
PHRE 5641 Applied Secondary Database Analysis 2
PHRE 5642 Analytic Systematic Review Project 2
Total: 10
Total Curriculum Credit Hours: 49