Pharm.D. for International Pharmacists


Each year, through internal mechanisms and the gracious support of donors, NSU COP provides numerous scholarship opportunities to its students with high academic achievement and/or financial need. A list of recently awarded scholarships is provided below. The students who receive the awards are selected by the Student Scholarship Committee. All campuses are encouraged to engage in scholarship application. For students currently enrolled in the college, scholarship applications are accepted periodically. When scholarships are available, applications can be submitted via the college's Student Services Website. Award amounts can vary by year and are provided with the scholarship descriptions during the open application periods.  The most common time to apply for applications is during February. If you are an incoming P1 who has accepted admission to NSU COP, you can inquire about the availability of scholarships by emailing It is suggested you inquire prior to February.

In addition to scholarship opportunities for current students, the NSU COP Committee on Admissions has an internal process for identifying candidates and offering a scholarship to NSU COP applicants at the time of acceptance to the college.  Applicants can discuss such opportunities with the Admissions Office and are encouraged to provide information during admissions interviews that assist in identifying financial hardship or financial need.

Further scholarships are available through the University. Click to find out more...

If you are a potential donor and would like more information on how to support NSU COP students, please contact and we will promptly reply.