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Experiential Education

Practice experiences in community, hospital, service/learning, and traditional pharmacy settings facilitate real-life application of the material and provide opportunities to integrate information learned. Full-time clerkships and externships facilitate application of drug therapy monitoring with more independence.

The curriculum stresses innovative delivery and assessment methods. Courses will be on campus and the college's clinical sites will be used extensively. All lectures, handouts, reading materials and exams will be in English so as to prepare students for the national practice of pharmacy.

This is a 3-year, full-time program requiring a student's full effort. Students are responsible for their own transportation to the experiential sites.

Students complete: one semester in community settings, one semester in a hospital setting, and one semester in pharmacy service. The rest of the Pharm.D. curriculum is composed of full-time clerkships. The first semester includes four rotations in prearranged practice areas. During the second semester, students choose five elective rotations in specialty areas. The clerkships are full-time commitments by the student (a minimum 40 hours per week). Students are assigned to approved off-campus facilities and must arrange their own transportation. Clerkships may be taken in any sequence, however students may not enroll in clerkships until all didactic work has been satisfactorily completed.