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The educational programs and facilities of the College of Pharmacy are among the best in the country. The faculty are enthusiastic and on the cutting edge of pharmacy practice. With over 600 clinical sites and over 800 preceptors, experiential education is very diverse and comprehensive. These include sites ranging from the clinic pharmacy at Davie where faculty practice disease state management to the 1550-bed Jackson Memorial Hospital, as well as medical centers in Tampa, Orlando, and West Palm Beach.


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The Advanced Standing Program for international pharmacy graduates gives advanced standing based upon previously completed coursework in accordance with the Foreign Coursework Evaluation procedure outlined in the admissions section. The curriculum facilitates the integration of the international pharmacists into the entry-level class, as requested by ACPE.

The curriculum is currently under review and will be revised as needed to meet the demands of the profession.  These courses are representative of the overall requirements of the program at the time of publication and are subject to change.

First Year—Fall Semester

Course Course Name Credit Hours
PHRC 4000 Medical Terminology 0
PHRC 4200 Pharmacy Calculations 1
PHRC 4300 Pharmacy & the US Health Care System 2
PHRC 4580 Intro to Professionalism and Leadership I 1
PHRC 5300 Social & Behavioral Pharmacy 2
PHRC 5350 Research Design & Statistics 3
PHRC 5380 Pharmacy Law 2
PHRC 5410 Pharmacotherapy I 3
PHRC 5580 IPPE: Community I 1.5
PHRC 6260 Clinical Pharmacology 4
Total: 19.5

First Year—Winter Semester

Course Course Name Credit Hours
PHRC 4550 Intro to Drug Info Resources & Health Informatics 2
PHRC 4680 Intro to Professionalism and Leadership II 1
PHRC 5150 Non-Prescription Therapies 3
PHRC 5330 Communication in Patient Care 2
PHRC 5420 Pharmacotherapy II 5
PHRC 5570 Biomedical Literature Evaluation 2
PHRC 5680 IPPE: Community II 1.5
PHRL 5710 Patient Care Management Lab I 1
Total: 17.5

Second Year—Fall Semester

Course Course Name Credit Hours
PHRC 5000 Physical Assessment 2
PHRC 6250 Pharmacodynamics V 3
PHRC 6350 Pharmacy Management 3
PHRC 6370 Pharmacoeconomics/Outcomes Research 2
PHRC 6430 Pharmacotherapy III 6
PHRC 6580 IPPE: Health System 2
PHRL 6720 Patient Care Management Lab II 1
PHRE Elective Elective I 2
Total: 21

Second Year - Winter Semester

Course Course Name Credit Hours
PHRC 6380 Public Health & Pharmacy Practice 2
PHRC 6440 Pharmacotherapy IV 6
PHRC 6540 Pharmacy Practice Seminar 1
PHRC 6680 IPPE: Pharmacy Service 2
PHRL 6730 Patient Care Management Lab III 1
PHRE Elective Elective II 2
Total: 14

Third Year—Summer/Fall /Winter Semester

Course Course Name Credit Hours
PHRC 7610 APPE: Internal Medicine 4
PHRC 7620 APPE: Ambulatory Care 4
PHRC 7630 APPE: Community Patient Care I 4
PHRC 7640 APPE: Community Patient Care II 4
PHRC 7650 APPE: Acute Patient Care I 4
PHRC 7660 APPE: Acute Patient Care II 4
PHRC 7670 APPE: Selective I 4
PHRC 7680 APPE: Selective II 4
PHRC 7690 APPE: Selective III 4
PHRC 7801 Curricular Review I (Summer) 0
PHRC 7802 Curricular Review II (Fall) 0
PHRC 7803 Curricular Review III (Winter) 0
Total: 36
Total Curriculum Credit Hours: 108

IPPE = Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience

APPE = Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience