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Healthcare in a Nutshell

Welcome to ACORN SEED, Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy’s Accountable Care Organization Research Network, Services, and Education (ACORN SEED).


In a nutshell, ACORN SEED provides pharmacy-based research, services, and education to accountable care organizations (ACO), patient centered medical homes (PCMH), and manage services organizations (MSO) to help maximize their shared savings and target drug-related issues, while promoting substantive transformation of the profession and providing flourishing opportunities for our students.

As faculty members in a College of Pharmacy, the founders of ACORN SEED understood that the practice of pharmacy did not routinely institutionalize the intensive training pharmacists received and the profession was slow to achieve its pre-eminence.  As healthcare costs continue to soar and quality outcomes wane, ACORNSEEDers (as we call ourselves) believe that pharmacists must assume a more central role in healthcare delivery and undertake innovative and contemporary approaches to patient and policy care. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson penned, “the creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”  Today, ACORN SEED is a growing mix of energized and devoted healthcare practitioners committed to growing the profession of pharmacy in a new expanse.

The Future of Pharmacy in a Nutshell
To advance the profession of pharmacy by engineering novel approaches to healthcare delivery in emerging performance models.

When pharmacists perform at their maximum capacity and realize their truest potential, patient care will be greatly enhanced, and healthcare costs will be strikingly reduced. 

Work as a team and be reliable:  By combining talents and supporting each other, ACORN SEED displays just how good a team can be, how much patient care can be improved, how effective healthcare delivery can become, and how the collective effort is synergistic, contagious, and all-inspiring

Commit to the cause and be patient: We realize that goals of our magnitude do not happen overnight.  They require tremendous effort, unwavering commitment, calculated conditions, and patience.

Work hard, and be the best you can be.  Industriousness is essential to success! Individually we work as hard as possible to perform at the highest level of our collective ability. 

Lead the way:  Pharmacy and healthcare need strong, skilled leaders to address important questions of the day.  We have chosen to take a front line approach to addressing these issues and help lead the practice of pharmacy.  We seek to change the status quo by pushing the limits of our profession and ourselves.

Show respect for others.  We vow to revere our entire team; our patients, our providers, each other, and everyone that crosses our path; We follow the Golden Rule.   

Use technology and analytics, and do not reinvent the wheel.  In today’s world of big data we believe in leveraging the power of technology and analytics.  As healthcare becomes more automated, technology is a tool that can widen access, increase adherence, and improve outcomes.  We commit to integrating technology and data analytics in every approach and not reinventing the wheel. 

Care about what you do and have fun along the way.  Every morning we awaken caring about what we do, deeply and truly. We also believe having fun while working hard is not only compatible with high productivity, it is essential to it. 

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