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ATM Call Center


 Nova Southeastern University’s ATM Call Center was established in June 2016 as part of their Accountable Care Organization Research Network, Service, and Education (ACORN SEED).  The center serves not only as a call center but also as a practice site for student pharmacists. Students gain insight and confidence by allowing them to perform comprehensive medication reviews and transitions of care via the telephone, speak to patients regarding adherence issues, communicate recommendations and interventions to physicians and participate in outpatient research. Dr. Prados oversees the center's activities and student involvement. 



Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a program where pharmacists work closely with patients and physicians to solve any problems related to the medications and to help get the best results from taking them. The MTM service is provided via phone eligible patients.

 How will the MTM team assist?

  • The MTM pharmacist, working with your physician’s office, will help ensure that patients are: 
  • Taking the right amount of each medication
  • Medications are not interacting with each other
  • Taking only the medications needed
  • Vitamins, supplements and over-the-counter drugs are safe and effective
  • Spending no more than they need for their medications

Who will benefit from the MTM services? Patients who:

  • Use multiple medications
  • Have questions about their medications
  • Receive medications from multiple places
  • Take medications that require laboratory monitoring
  • Have multiple health conditions
  • Want to reduce medication costs
  • Want to reduce hospitalization


What is the Adherence Outreach Program?

The Adherence Outreach Program allows the pharmacist to work closely with patients and physicians to identify and address any barriers that may prevent patients from taking their medications properly. The program incorporates reminder tools, patient education and counseling, cost reduction strategies, and symptom management to improve adherence. The health care insurance company will determine eligibility to the Adherence Outreach Program. If eligible, patients will receive a phone call from a trained pharmacy professional who will go over your medication adherence and provide recommendations for improvement. Follow-up within 30 days will be provided to ensure that adherence has improved. The total time required for this service is 5-15 minutes.

How will the Adherence Outreach Program assist?

  • Cost reduction strategies
  • Simplify medication regimen
  • Symptom management
  • Address concerns about effectiveness and necessity of medication
  • Reminder tools, adherence aids, or alarms


With millions of Americans taking multiple medications for chronic conditions, the costs of poor medication management surrounding hospital admission and discharge run into the billions of dollars. Pharmacists in the ATM Center can assist with these costs. The ATM Center would perform an initial outreach to patients within 72 hours post-discharge and additional follow-up calls within 30-days to include a medication reconciliation, creation of a patient-specific medication list and medication action plan, patient education on medications and disease state management, communication to prescriber of any identified therapeutic concerns, care coordination, and medication access assistance.

Contact Information:

  • Phone: 954-262-1158
  • Fax: 954-262-3934


Joanne Pauyo"I am extremely grateful to work as a pharmacy intern in NSU’s ACORN-SEED MTM department. This position has afforded me many opportunities and experiences. Dr. Prados is dedicated to teaching students and assisting them to reach their personal as well as future career goals. Under her guidance, I learned invaluable tools such as effectively counseling a patient, analyzing drug databases, and submitting research abstract papers."
- Joanne Pauyo, Pharm D. Candidate, Class of 2019


"Working as a Federal Work Study student at the MTM Department in the College of Pharmacy here at NSU has been a professionally and academically enriching experience for me.  I have been able to practice clinical skills learned in the classroom and improve my communication skills with patients. Dr. Prados is an excellent teacher as she has helped me consolidate all of the information I have learned in pharmacy school so far to be more efficiently used in real life applications. Working under her wing has proved to be an invaluable experience for me as she has supported my growth as a student pharmacist and soon to be health care professional."
- Maria-Isabel Cabral, Pharm D. Candidate, Class of 2019

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