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Realizing Potential
Dr. Omidian

Abuse-Resistant Medications, Reducing alcohol absorption into systemic circulation, Gastric retention oral drug delivery.
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Dr. Rathinavelu

Cancer research conducted by Dr. Appu Rathinavelu at the college of Pharmacy Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is focused on developing new therapeutic methods for early detection of cancer and discovering new drugs that are useful for less toxic treatment of cancers. More ...

Dr. Latimer

DNA repair, stem cells, breast tissue engineering, breast cancer etiology, leukemia recurrence, genomic instability, mutation, precocial breast development, environmental causes of cancer, chemotherapy drugs that impact Nucleotide Excision Repair, somatic mutation in autism. More ...

Tassos Research Group
Molecular pharmacology, physiology and biology of G protein-coupled (heptahelical or seven transmembrane-spanning) receptors; Heart Failure; Cardiovascular Disease; Neurohormonal control of the Circulation; Adrenal Physiology and Pharmacology; Receptors for Adrenaline and Noradrenaline; Catecholamines; Receptors for Angiotensin II; Signal Transduction; Gene Therapy; Transgenic mice and rats; Aldosterone production regulation; Regulation of Adrenergic and Angiotensin Receptors; G protein-coupled receptor Kinases; Beta-Arrestins; Novel "Biased" G protein-coupled Receptor Ligands. More ...
Dr. Speth

Brain angiotensin system and its physiological actions, brain angiotensin receptors and binding sites, angiotensin metabolizing enzymes, radioligand binding assays, receptor autoradiography, radioiodination of ligands for receptor and enzyme characterization. More ...

Dr. Qalaji

Nanoparticles, Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODT), Drug Release, Dissolution, Absorption, Bioavailability, Non-invasive and patient-friendly drug delivery approach. More ...