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Center for Consumer Health Informatics Research (CCHIR) FAQ

As part of its innovative approach to research, education, and service, Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy in Fort Lauderdale, FL created the first Center for Consumer Health Informatics Research (CCHIR) in the country. The mission of the CCHIR is to generate discoveries that leverage the potential of consumer health informatics to improve patient health. The CCHIR also holds the distinction of being designated as a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center in Consumer Health Informatics. Under this designation, CCHIR will execute jointly planned activities including contributing to the development of a consumer health informatics research agenda with WHO. Other initiatives by the CCHIR in its role as a WHO Collaborating Center include continued efforts investigating online health-related risks in concert with the Global Observatory for eHealth at WHO and working in conjunction with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in creating international postgraduate training opportunities in consumer health informatics and in evaluating the roles of mobile health (mHealth).


The Center is housed in the College of Pharmacy and uses a multidisciplinary approach to research in order to answer questions and develop interventions in areas including online health information seeking, eHealth literacy, medication adherence, social media in healthcare, and mobile health (mHealth).

Education and Training

The Center for Consumer Health Informatics Research (CCHIR) serves as an advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) training site for students from the College of Pharmacy. Required informatics and pharmacotherapy courses as well as electives in consumer health informatics, independent research, and a residency preparatory seminar are team-taught by Center personnel. Students enrolled in the College of Osteopathic Medicine Masters of Biomedical Informatics program can register for our Consumer Health Informatics & Web 2.0 in Healthcare elective. A 24-month Fellowship in Consumer Health Informatics was launched in 2012 and a 24-month Neurocognitive Fellowship was launched in 2013 by the CCHIR.


As part of its commitment to service, the Center for Consumer Health Informatics Research (CCHIR) is cultivating relationships with community partners for development of programmatic initiatives to benefit the surrounding community. Additionally, CCHIR personnel are exploring informatics solutions to enhance and sustain current public health efforts.

CCHIR Website and Blog

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